Best Sublimation Inks For Epson & Sawgrass Printers

Sublimation ink is one of the key ingredients of the sublimation printing recipe. It not only has an impact on the print quality but can also determine how long the print lasts, how many prints you can get out of a single set and how well your sublimation printer performs. That’s why it’s vital to make sure you get the right sublimation ink.

In this article, I have handpicked top 7, tried-and-tested sublimation inks. Besides that, I have also covered other areas of importance, like which sublimation inks must be avoided and what factors affect your ink purchase. 

what is the best sublimation ink

Key Takeaways

  • Looking for a sublimation ink brand that has a wide range of printer compatibility? Printers Jack Sublimation Ink is the one for you! They are reasonably priced, readily available and can literally be used with any Epson printer. 
  • Looking for a printer that has both a wide range of printer compatibility, as well as wide application. Not only is the Hiipoo Sublimation Ink compatible with literally every Epson printer, it can also print on any and every surface you can think of.  
  • If you have a Sawgrass printer, it is highly recommended to stick to inks that are either manufactured or approved by Sawgrass. Switching to another brand can cause damage due to incompatibility. Moreover, different Sawgrass printers have different sublimation inks that are compatible with them. Make sure you get the one that is compatible with your printer model.

7 Best Sublimation Inks In 2023 And Beyond

Given below is a list of our 7 best picks for sublimation inks that you can get your hands on.

Our Top 2 Recommendations:

  1. Printers Jack Sublimation Ink
  2. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

Let’s dive in!

1. Printers Jack 

Printers Jack

Printers Jack is hands-down one of the oldest and best-selling sublimation inks out there for Eco-tank and Workforce printers. The 4-color pack produces bright, vivid prints that are water-resistant, fade-resistant and UV-protected. The ink is also powered by 3-layer, filter anti-clogging technology and the auto-stop feature.

  • Compatible with almost any Epson printers 
  • No syringes are required to put it in the printer
  • No ICC profile is necessary
  • High durability due to UV protection
  • The auto-stop feature protects the nozzle from spillage 
  • 3-layer filter technology prevents clogging & promotes smooth printing
  • Reasonably priced and easily available
  • Do not offer cartridges
  • Individual bottles cannot be purchased

2. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

As mentioned earlier in the article, Hiipoo is the best in terms of Epson printer compatibility. Whether it is EcoTank, Workforce, Xpression or Stylus, Hiipoo sublimation ink can work with any and every Epson printer to produce high-quality, stunning and long-lasting prints. Another great thing about Hiipoo is that it can print on a large variety of surfaces including processing fronts, banners, quilts, flags, wood, wine glasses, flip-flops and many more.

  • Wide compatibility & wide application 
  • Produces fade-resistant and water-resistant prints
  • Come in eco-friendly packaging 
  • Anti-clogging technology ensures smooth printing 
  • Cannot print on fabric that has 30% or more cotton
  • Syringes required to transfer ink into the printer

3. Sawgrass Sublijet-UHD Inks

Sawgrass Sublijet-UHD Inks

The best part about these sublimation inks is that they are not only compatible but also specifically formulated for Sawgrass printers. They can deliver highly durable, water-resistant prints on both hard and soft substrates. 

  • Sawgrass approved and recommended sublimation ink
  • Come with both ink and cartridges
  • The set also includes SUBLIMAX Sublimation Paper
  • Produces top-quality, long-lasting prints
  • They are comparatively expensive
  • Only compatible with SG-500 and SG-1000
  • Not compatible with Epson printers 

4. A-Sub Sublimation Ink

A-Sub Sublimation Ink

The A-Sub Sublimation ink refills are compatible with a large variety of Epson printers, including EcoTank and Workforce. They are produced by a microfiltration process which prevents clogging. The set of 4-ink refill bottles also comes with a syringe so that the ink can be easily transferred to the ink tank.

  • Compatible with several Epson printer models
  • Prints smoothly in the presence of anti-clogging features 
  • Has a large (480 ml) packaging which allows for higher print volume  
  • Customers have complained about dull prints on some surfaces
  • Syringes required to transfer ink into the printer

5. Seogol Sublimation Ink

Seogol Sublimation Ink

Seogol Sublimation ink is the best option for printing if your substrate is a polyester material. It produces extraordinarily realistic prints that have high retention and resistance to light and water. This means that your prints won’t easily be washed over and can last you for decades. The ink also has a 3-layer filter technology that possesses anti-clogging properties.

  • Easy installation and setup process  
  • Ideal for printing on polyester 
  • Compatible with a large range of Epson printer models
  • Light-resistant, waterproof and compatible with cartridges
  • Smooth, seamless printing with anti-clogging filter technology
  • Great value for money
  • Cannot be used to print on cotton
  • Syringes required to transfer ink into the printer

6. WOKOK Sublimation Ink

WOKOK Sublimation Ink

Like Hiipoo Sublimation Ink, WOKOK Sublimation Ink is also quite versatile, with a wide range of applications across many different types of substrates. It is also compatible with many Epson printer models and comes with 4 syringes so that the ink can be injected into cartridges or ink tanks.

  • It is quite cheap compared to other sublimation inks
  • Produces water-resistant, fade resistant and durable prints
  • Has additional accessories like needles, syringes and gloves for convenience
  • Not suitable for fabric that is 30% cotton or more

7. Cosmos Sublimation Ink

Cosmos Sublimation Ink

Last but not the least, is the Cosmos Sublimation Ink which is compatible with a wide variety of Epson inkjet printers. Not only are thousands of customers raving about how rich and vibrant the prints are, the Cosmos sublimation ink has made printing easier, by leaps and bounds. It allows you to preset your printers so you do not have to resize, color-correct and mirror your images every time you want to print something.

  • Has additional accessories like needles and syringes for easy refilling
  • Easy setup and installation process 
  • Does not require additional ICC profiles for sublimation printing
  • Presets save time
  • Does not include ink cartridges
  • Generally misconceived to only work for Epson printers while it is also compatible with printers of other brands 

Which Sublimation Inks Should You Avoid? 

Now that we have talked about some potential sublimation inks that you can use, let’s discuss the ones that you must try to steer clear of. 

  • Sublimation ink that does not allow you to download ICC profiles. This would prevent the printer from printing correctly, after conversion. 
  • Sublimation ink that is not compatible with your printer model. For instance,  Sawgrass printers only work with inks manufactured by the company itself or those specifically designed for Sawgrass printers. Make sure you do not end up using a third-party ink that is not compatible with your printer model. 
  • Sublimation inks that have a narrow scope of application. In order to tap into the full potential of sublimation printing it is recommended to get inks that can produce high-quality prints on a wide variety of surfaces. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying Sublimation Ink 

Here are a few pointers you must keep in mind when buying your first set of sublimation inks: 

Printer Compatibility 

It is absolutely crucial to pick a sublimation ink set that is compatible with the printer model you are using for sublimation printing. In case of incompatibility, you might end up producing low-quality prints or even cause permanent damage to your printer. 

Print Quality 

While there are tons of sublimation inks that you can browse through, it is important to pick those that produce high-quality prints. This entails that the print would be accurate, vibrant and long-lasting. Prints that are missing or bleeding, that look dull or fade away easily upon washing can indicate the use of sub-standard sublimation ink. 

Water Resistance 

While most sublimation inks claim to be water-resistant, their colors tend to fade over time, due to repeated washing. Only high-quality sublimation ink can withstand multiple washes, without fading and losing their brightness. 

Substrate Material 

The substrate material is just as important in selecting the sublimation ink as is the sublimation printer model. This is because not all kinds of sublimation inks can print on all kinds of materials. For instance, the Hiipoo or WOKOK Sublimation Ink cannot print on 30% cotton or more. On the other hand, Printers Jack can easily produce high-quality prints on cotton. Therefore, make sure that the sublimation inks that you are using can actually produce high-quality prints on your selected substrate. 

Print Volume 

Print volume is directly related to the size of the sublimation ink bottles that you are purchasing. If your print volume is high, purchasing larger bottles (e.g. 400 ml) is better than using smaller sizes, as it saves you the time of constantly refilling the ink into the printer. 


Clogging of the printer head is a real menace. It can lead to printing lines in your final design or cause it to appear dull and faded. In order to avoid clogging, you should always prefer a high-quality sublimation ink that has anti-clogging technology. 


Replacing, refilling and setting up sublimation ink into the printer’s tank or cartridges can be a bit of a hassle. Make sure that the sublimation ink bottles you use are easy to handle and store and are not messy. 

ICC Profiles 

When converting your regular printer to a sublimation printer, you have to change its ICC profiles in order to print correctly. Make sure you use sublimation inks that allow you to download and edit the ICC profiles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which ink works for my specific printer model? 

Every sublimation ink set is accompanied by a list of printers that it is compatible with. In order to determine which ink works for your printer model, you can always find the list of printers on the packaging of the ink set. 

2. Can I switch sublimation ink brands? 

Switching sublimation ink is 100% possible, but it can be disastrous if not done correctly. Essentially, you cannot allow the different sublimation inks to mix, as this would produce poor-quality prints and even cause damage to your printer. Before switching, make sure that you remove any ink of the previous brand from the ink cartridges or the ink tank.  Next, you can make your printer undergo a purge cycle in which any remaining ink is removed from the ink pipes and the print head. You can also use a printer cleaning kit as the print head has 3 to 5 pages worth of residual ink that must be removed. Lastly, do multiple nozzle checks, after refilling the new sublimation ink and before you finally start printing. 

3. Can I use any other sublimation ink with Sawgrass printers?

While Sublijet-UHD is the official sublimation ink that is used in Sawgrass printers, because it is specifically formulated for those printers, there are also many other great options that are compatible with the Sawgrass printer model. Some of these include the KSUMEI A-Series Sublimation Ink and the F-INK Sublimation Ink.  


From print quality to printer compatibility, there are many different factors that can influence your choice of sublimation ink. In this article, I have compiled a comprehensive beginner’s guide on what features to look for in sublimation ink, which options are available in the market and which one’s must be avoided. I hope that by the end of your reading, you are in a much better place to find the most suitable sublimation ink for your printer. 

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